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Alexandra Janelli, owner of Theta Spring, is considered one of New York City’s premier Hypnotherapists and Life Coaches, having worked with Academy Award Nominated Actors, world-renowned photographers, singers, and top-level executives. As featured on MTV and in Oprah Magazine, Men's Fitness, The New Yorker, Time Out Chicago, NY Post, Dossier Journal, and various other publications for her work and creative approach, Alexandra helps clients push through and past blocks to achieve their goals through a dynamic and empowering approach and technique. Alexandra's featured hypnotherapy programs have been formulated to help you create change. Each recording features an introduction by Alexandra as she guides you to a relaxed state. Please be in a comfortable location where you can relax (and of course, not driving) while listening to her programs.

New York, NY
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Stop Worrying Hypnotherapy Program


Instructor Alexandra Janelli

Alexandra Janelli

Certifications: • Smoking Cessation Specialist • Sports Performance • PTSD • Emergency Hypnosis Certification • Hypnosis and Weight Loss Specialist • Certified Hypnosis ADD and ADHD • Pain Management • Inner Child Work • Emotional Freedom Techniques • Advanced Training Course Graduate Certification (Diploma in Hypnotherapy) • Diploma in Handwriting Analysis •Certified Professional Coach •Energy Leadership Index Assessment Areas of Focus: Life Coaching: •Stress Management & Relaxation Tools •Time Management •Energy & Awareness •Transition Coaching •Empowered Leadership •Confidence through Change •Visionary & Big Picture Execution •Focus & Productivity •Team Building & Company Relationship Building or Strengthening •Listening Techniques & Communication Breakthroughs •Value Assessments •Niche Exploration and Marketing •Purpose and Meaning Hypnotherapy: •Smoking cessation •Stress & Anxiety •Relationships •PTSD •Weight Loss •Pain Management •Fear of Flying / Driving •Public Speaking •Self Esteem •Sports Performance •Mindfulness •Nervous Habits

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