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Tatiana believes that you can achieve anything you set your mind to. With a degree in Nutrition and Exercise Sciences, health and fitness has always been her way of life. She started her love for fitness as a young dancer and cheerleader. Tatiana is a personal trainer, a SLT instructor and a MSA fitness model in NYC. Tatiana's training methods are HIIT, strength training and pilates inspired moves leaving you stronger than you first walked in.

New York, NY
HIIT, Pilates-Inspired, Strength Training
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HIIT + Strength


Instructor Tatiana Lampa

Tatiana Lampa

Tatiana's training style includes basically everything. For her clients who are in a weight loss program, Tatiana recommends more HIIT, plyometrics, circuit training and body weight exercises. For those who want to get stronger, she recommends more weight training. Tatiana absolutely loves opposite arm opposite leg exercises as to work the core - "If you do NOT have a strong core you are unable to prevent injuries, prevent back pain, protect your internal organs and have good posture." She also focuses on unilateral exercises for legs such as single leg deadlifts, lunges, pistol squats because they not only work balance and core but also each person has one leg that is than the other, so equally balancing both is key.

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