Pretty Little Lifters - Tiffany Angulo

The Pretty Little Lifters was co-founded by Rose White and Tiffany Angulo. They met at Brick CrossFit in West Hollywood, California. They were both excited to find someone who enjoyed training hard, lifting heavy, and living a healthy lifestyle. Rose and Tiffany decided to turn their passion into something fun and motivating to share with others, so they created The Pretty Little Lifters!

Los Angeles, CA
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Full Body HIIT Class with Pretty Little Lifters


Instructor Tiffany Angulo

Tiffany Angulo

A born and raised Southern California girl, Tiffany grew up playing sports and living an active life. She’s an elementary school teacher, fitness trainer, and runs a blog called The Pretty Little Lifters. She wants to show women that you can lift heavy, while still being feminine and strong. Tiffany is a CrossFitter who loves challenging herself to stay well rounded as an athlete and likes trying different types of workouts & training methods. Tiffany’s goal is to inspire people to make healthy changes to their lifestyle, have balance, become active & fit for life, and feel good on the inside and out!

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