Mindfulness Matters

​​In Power Vinyasa Yoga you can expect a powerful, energetic form of yoga where students move fluidly from one pose to the next while connecting their breathing to their movements. In a Mindfulness Matters power vinyasa classes, Samara creates a growth opportunity in each moment. Through creative sequencing, empowering assists, inspiring music and lots of fun, she guides students to access their full potential on the mat as a metaphor for growth in all areas of their lives. ​

Los Angeles, CA
Power Yoga and Meditation
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Turned Up Vinyasa


Instructor Mindfulness Matters

Mindfulness Matters

Samara Zelniker is a holistic health coach, 300- hour registered yoga teacher and founder of Mindfulness Matters, a health and wellness company that provides holistic health coaching, mentoring services and yoga in corporate, private, studio and school settings. Samara is passionate about healing and works with clients one on one to become the healthiest versions of themselves. With Samara you will not just target one area of your life; rather take a holistic approach to your wellbeing by exploring the foods you eat, your exercise routine, important relationships, career and spiritual practice. Samara has had the privilege of working with exceptional thoughts leaders and change-makers and is passionate about bringing groups of like-minded people together. She runs her own yoga teacher training program, creates wellness workshops and facilitates international retreats. Samara loves being outside in nature, holding fabulous dinner parties and playing with her adorable dog Frankie.

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