Kiley Holliday Yoga

Kiley Holliday views yoga as a means to balance the energies of the mind and body so that one can practice a healthful lifestyle and maintain a state of relative equanimity. Kiley’s classes emphasize precise physical alignment and core strength within the framework of an innovative vinyasa sequence. She particularly enjoys teaching empowerment through the art of the arm balance.

New York, NY
Vinyasa Flow and Inversion Play
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Flexibility Flow


Instructor Kiley Holliday

Kiley Holliday

Raised in Los Angeles, Kiley Holliday spent her early years training as a competitive figure skater before moving to New York City for college. After several years characterized by extreme bouts of sitting in the library, she turned to yoga to regain the strength and flexibility she’d had as a young athlete. In 2007, she left graduate school to become a yoga teacher and hasn’t looked back. She views yoga as a means to heal the body and balance the energy of the mind in order maintain a relative state of equanimity. Her classes emphasize precise physical alignment while increasing strength and flexibility within an innovative vinyasa sequence. Kiley is certified E-RYT 500 by Yoga Alliance, and has studied closely under Dana Flynn and Ana Forrest, as well as numerous other talented teachers in LA and NYC. She teaches hot power yoga, acrobatic vinyasa flow, and yoga for athletes both privately and at her home studio, Pure Yoga, in addition to leading retreats around the world.

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