Bodhi Yoga

Bodhi Yoga by Irina Ovsiannikova incorporates precise alignment in a challenging vinyasa flow that allows students to explore the depth and freedom of each posture safely while creating healthy sweat and yogic breathing and good vibrations.

New York, NY
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Instructor Irina Ovsiannikova

Irina Ovsiannikova

As founder of Bodhi Yoga, Irina Ovsiannikova is also a member of the YogaWorks community and the SWEAT Yoga community, a hot vinyasa yoga movement. She began practicing yoga in 1998 in by taking classes at the Iyengar Institute in Los Angeles as a way to find relieve from back pain. Irina has been suffering from back pain due to a sustained injury to her thoracic spine during her earlier years in the Russian National Gymnastics Team. Regular classes provided relieve and physical ease from pain but she began to notice subtle energy changes in the body as well as the mind. It was not until Irina became pregnant with her son in 2001 that the true gifts of yoga began to unveil themselves. Several years after the birth of her son Irina enrolled into 200 hour and subsequently 300 hour teacher training at YogaWorks in NY. Irina's main reason for entering the training program was to deepen her own practice. She completed her 200 hours and right away went thru the 300 hour professional training and wanted to share the gift of yoga with the world. During her training Irina studied with Alan Finger of Ishta yoga, Jean Koerner and lots of wonderful teachers at YogaWorks. Irina draws her inspiration from a number of talented and inspiring teachers like Jeanmarie Paollilo, Marco Rojas and Vinnie Marino and Dharma Mittra.

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