Andrea Levine

Andrea Levine is a former corporate attorney who found her strength and confidence when she began looking at exercise as an opportunity not an obligation. By expanding her fitness “vocabulary,” focusing on functional training and a variety of movements that challenged her physically and mentally, Andrea learned that movement and strength is her key to happier living. Join her as she leads you through workouts that combine high intensity interval training and skill building (e.g., balance, agility, coordination) to burn fat, sculpt lean muscle, and improve your quality of movement. ​

New York, NY
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Instructor Andrea Levine

Andrea Levine

"For as long as I can remember, I've been driven and opinionated and incredibly talkative. So, obviously, I became a lawyer. And for nearly seven years I practiced antitrust law at a top New York City law firm (a.k.a. Big Law). I won't pretend that being a fancy lawyer did not feed into a lot of my talents and a lot of people's expectations of me, it seemed to be a great fit. And in many ways it was; I was not afraid of hard work, advocating for my (client's) position, or presenting to various audiences. But this Type-A, corporate-minded person was only half of my story. ​ In my zealous quest for top grades, top schools, and a top law firm, I sought "control" over the things I thought I could manage, namely food and exercise. Enter my first, but not my last, experience with disordered eating and exercise addiction. An "About Me" section is no place for my full history, but I will say that it was not until at least 15 years later that I felt like I understood what healthy looks like and feels like, and it feels so good. Throughout my recovery process, I sought treatment from two outpatient clinics, three nutritionists, and three therapists, whew! I am grateful I could acknowledge I needed help and eventually propelled myself into a place where I feel healthy, capable, confident, strong, and social. But the road to recovery was often frustrating and lonely; there were few professionals who made me feel heard and understood. I had to create a vision of wellness and recovery alone, and balance what I was hearing with what I valued to rediscovery a healthy relationship with food and exercise. ​ My freedom from food rules and negative self-talk opened up endless opportunities for me to travel the world, be kinder to those I love, and view movement as a celebration of how strong I am, not a punishment for what I ate. It also helped me build the confidence to leave my legal career and pursue wellness coaching and fitness to help others achieve their best and healthiest selves. I want to inspire others to live healthier lives by helping them set realistic and meaningful goals and motivating them to do the hard work. If I can improve the way people feel about themselves, encourage people to move more and move better, and help people adopt healthier habits relating to nutrition, exercise, and stress-management, I will consider myself a success." ​

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