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Introduction to Salutation Nation- Purna Namaskar


Vinyasa Yoga
Energizing / Breath

Vanessa Van Noy Yoga — Vanessa Van Noy

Part one in the Salutation Nation Series. Vanessa is bringing one of her favorite Wanderlust workshops to your home.

A Note from Vanessa: Salutations are the yogis way of warming up. Sun A, Sun B, these are some classics, and they are amazing, but we can evolve these traditional sequences and make them more complete. We can construct more intelligent sequences to better prepare us for what comes next on the mat or in our day. In this first installment of the “Salutation Nation” series I introduce you to “Purna Namaskar” or my “Complete Salutation”. It's a twist on a classic that incorporates some added postures to get a full body warm up that is great to start out any practice and a great to start your day.