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Sandy Ames

Sandy Ames is an HMI certified Hypnotherapist, licensed by the only officially accredited school of Hypnotherapy in the United States, The Hypnosis Motivation Institute. With a background in both TV and Radio Broadcast, and with multiple international Yoga and Meditation Certifications, Sandy is a seasoned health practitioner, presenter, and educator, as featured on NBC’s Today Show. With over 25 years’ experience in broadcast, the healing arts, and hypnosis, Sandy parlays these skills into hugely successful marketing campaigns for businesses. Hypnotherapy is renowned for its positive effects on weight loss, pain management, quitting smoking, overcoming fears and phobias, self-image, relationships, stress, pre- and post-surgery optimization, test-taking, performance, and just simply reducing otherwise long and lengthy therapies down to even just a few sessions in some cases! It is a powerful tool in making deep, long lasting magnanimous shifts in the subconscious belief systems, which ultimately shape a person into the image of themselves they wish to be.

Areas of Focus:
Life Coaching: •Stress Management & Relaxation Tools •Time Management •Energy & Awareness •Transition Coaching •Empowered Leadership •Confidence through Change •Visionary & Big Picture Execution •Focus & Productivity •Team Building & Company Relationship Building or Strengthening •Listening Techniques & Communication Breakthroughs •Value Assessments •Niche Exploration and Marketing •Purpose and Meaning Hypnotherapy: •Smoking cessation •Stress & Anxiety •Relationships •PTSD •Weight Loss •Pain Management •Fear of Flying / Driving •Public Speaking •Self Esteem •Sports Performance •Mindfulness •Nervous Habits

Services and Rates:

Hypnotherapy Session
Life Coaching Session

90 minutes: $195

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New York, NY
Hypnotherapy Coach