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Katie Kozlowski

Katie Kozlowski is a confidence and self love coach with a focus in self realization and an intuitive energy healer.

A session with Katie offers a nurturing space to be held, heard and embraced as you uncover your deepest self, clearing blocks, releasing trauma and shifting limiting beliefs. Her goal is to bring you closer to your true self while giving you access to your inner voice and granting yourself permission to be who you are.

Sessions can include reiki energy healing, Rising Star energy therapy, tarot cards, intuitive guidance, NLP, EFT and guided meditation based on the needs, goals, desires and wishes of the client.

Note: Rising Star is a healing modality that works on all levels (emotional, spiritual, physical and mental) and clears energy and the 7 chakras for 21 days. It has the power to unlock the subconscious mind and bring hidden beliefs and experiences to the surface, while also activating DNA, clearing karma and healing 7 generations forward and back. It is one of the most powerful modalities on the planet and Katie’s personal favorite modality of practice.

Services and Rates:

Coaching Session
Rising Star

60 Minutes: $150

Email contact@mission-360.com to schedule.

New York, NY
Confidence and Self Love Coach, Energy Healer