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Julia Chebotar

Julia Chebotar, owner of The Organic Grill, Health and Wellness Consultant, Meditator, Yoga Enthusiast, & Personal Chef, she teaches classes all over New York City, and has even been recognized in several media outlets for having created one of “the best veggie/vegan burgers in NYC!” Her years as an executive chef and restauranteur have afforded the unique opportunity to develop a perspective from both a teacher and student’s standpoint. She works to craft dynamic programs based on individual needs regarding movement, increased mobility, pain and stress-reduction, weight loss, fitness, and lifestyle education. You have the power to write your own story and develop the healthy lifestyle that will bring out the best version of yourself, and she wants to help you get there. Her goal is to inspire her clients and to make the right decisions based on your health, your body, and your life. Book an appointment today so she can help you take the first step towards your best self!

Health & Wellness Coach – Integrative School of Nutrition
Women’s Hormonal Health – Nicole Jardim 6-Month Apprenticeship Program
Certified Food Therapy Chef – Natural Gourmet Institute
Certified Reiki Specialist -
Food Handlers License - NYC Health

Health Coaching
Gut Health
Women’s Hormonal Health
Stress Management & Relaxation Tools
Weight Loss
Pain Management

Services and Rates:
60 minutes: $125

Email contact@mission-360.com to schedule.

New York, NY
Health Coach