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Debra Relly uses her intuitive gift to help her clients navigate through life transitions and deal with difficult personal relationships and situations. Her positive life coaching skills have helped and inspired many people worldwide to greater self confidence and inner peace. Debra especially finds it rewarding to help those who suffer from stress and anxiety. With a loving and compassionate heart she has the ability to connect with her clients and give them the information they need that allows them to lead a more calm, peaceful, productive, positive and confident life. Debra truly feels that navigating life challenges with intuitive guidance helps us to better understand life situations bringing about personal strength, self assurance, independence and positive results. When we understand life situations with greater information many times our stress levels are less and we are able to live a more fulfilled life. Debra believes in her heart that each client is a unique soul and she works with her clients in ways that allow positive loving energy to bring about a positive life. She has a background in Evolutionary Astrology, Tarot, Angel Cards, Healing Crystals and Guided Meditation. These are tools she can use with her clients if they desire during her intuitive work.

Services and Rates:

Intuitive Guide Session

60 Minutes: $150

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Los Angeles, CA
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