The Mission 360 Story

Mission 360 is a highly curated, multidimensional community dedicated to empowering those seeking a stronger body, enriched spirit and expanded mind.

A modern sanctuary founded to inspire self improvement, Mission 360 combines the best yoga, fusion fitness, wellness coaching, and intuitive healing into an online community that busy individuals can access anytime, anywhere. Stream a wide array of fitness, yoga, and meditation classes filmed in-studio, on-demand so you get an authentic workout experience. One-on-one video coaching sessions are also available á la carte, ranging from nutrition experts to Reiki healers and everything in between. Invest in yourself, own your mission, and empower your future with Mission 360.

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About the Founder

Mission 360 was inspired by my personal experience; the real-world reality of long commutes, intense work schedules, early mornings, late nights, life challenges, hangovers, breakups… and the release of a great workout, a moment of stillness, and remembering the power of choice.

A decade working in the Beauty Industry allowed me the opportunity to live and work between LA, NYC, Europe, and Asia. My job was to build relationships, which I love, yet I also found that being on the go 24/7 was becoming physically and emotionally exhausting. My favorite part of the day became the hour or so of internal silence I found during yoga and meditation practice.

The studios quickly became my social network, source of energy and refuge. Where I fell in love. Where I felt at home. I told everyone one about my favorite new spots and became the first person friends called for teacher, class, coach, or healer recommendations, no matter where they were worldwide.

I believe in empowerment through proactivity, self-awareness and self-knowledge. We feel the most lost when our Mind, Body and Spirit are disconnected. Growth is most effective on the whole, the 360. Thus, my mission to bring a curated selection of the best teachers, classes, and coaches was born.

“Like most gifts, it is the passing of something meaningful between people that awakens us to our potential,”
-Mark Nepo, Book of Awakening

The next step is your mission. No one else can improve your quality of life; no one else can make you into a modern-day warrior. Mission 360 provides all the tools and unlimited inspiration to grow the mind, enrich the spirit and strengthen the body—now, set your life on fire.